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RBeginning in November 2018, this Erasmus+KA2 project takes place over 2 years in which 5 organizations over 4 European Countries, all leaders in their fields, have already come together to coproduce a brand new, unique multimedia Drama informal learning program. SCRIPT is developing the learning and emotional needs of Europe’s most excluded young people.

Innovatively designed for youth work practitioners specifically when engaging with socially excluded young people aged 18-25, SCRIPT is transversal in its ability to work in a plethora of outreach settings, including but not limited to young offenders institutions, prisons, probation centers, youth and community centers.

During the lifespan of this 2 year project, the 5 lead organizations in the UK, Romania, Spain and Greece have communicated with socially excluded young people, youth workers and stakeholders to collaboratively develop, test and imbed a set of mutually reinforcing coproduced informal learning resources, including – The SCRIPT Handbook – a program of interactive drama exercises and multimedia techniques, which gave socially excluded young people a platform to design, create, perform and produce their own Radio Play.

In the case of Greece, United Societies of Balkans have communicated with Roma people of disadvantaged areas of the region of Thessaloniki. A team of 5 Roma people has been created, which got to work together so as to produce a podcast with a fictional Script that again they have created by themselves.

During the 5 meetings, participants have been involved in “Confidence Building” and “Communication and Understanding” Exercises. After being well connected to each other they got to brainstorm ideas on their script.

They got to work with “Audacity” Platform online and, record, edit and listen finally their podcast.

The produced podcast is actually a story that they created about a girl, who wanted to be a dancer, facing pressure from her family settings not to do that and follow a university path instead. The whole story is a story of following her dream and got finally accepted from her family for her passion for dancing.

In the last meeting, participants got to listen to their podcast and finally celebrate the whole procedure of creating it.

Through this activity and the digital skills that participants gained, they got to integrate in a better way in the society and certainly, now they have the skills to create their own podcast and deal with projects regarding radio.

Broadening Barcelona


Right before any project meeting I get a feeling of nervousness and excitement in the pit of my stomach, I am consumed with hope and aspiration and willing us to have a fun, energetic and enlightening meeting.  Partnership meetings are precious, meeting with partners face to face, building relationships and special opportunities to make strides within project development.

Barcelona was the venue of the third partnership meeting of SCRIPT, a particularly exciting meeting as all partners have completed their first piloting of the SCRIPT methodology within various settings including prison and community venues.  It was a meeting to be celebrated, the meeting came to life due to partners executing their feedback so well and providing such an in-depth insight into the journey their participants and youth workers have experienced to date.  There was a ripple of joy within the room, we feel we are heading towards an impactful destination and felt a sense of privilege that we are all part of it.

The meeting was underpinned with structure and efficiency but without compromise of creativity, we undertook workshops to make key decisions within the project and encouraged each other to express our vision for the project moving forward.  There was an exemplary participatory approach with partners committing to various tasks to enhance the project according to the recommendations of young people, youth workers and stakeholders such as discussing a comprehensive validation framework.

The creative juices continued to flow after the meeting with partners choosing to eat together, Barcelona is gastronomic and sharing tapas allowed us to continue discussions raised within the meeting but also learn more about each other as individuals.  Socialising together also sparks new ideas to broaden working relationships and source new opportunities to widen and strengthen the impact within social inclusion.


Barcelona was boss! 

Barcelona hosted the third SCRIPT international meeting


After the first SCRIPT international meeting was organised in Liverpool and the second was set in Thessaloniki, Barcelona was the location for the third international meeting of the project.

At this meeting the main theme that was presented was he SCRIPT dissamination plan. In addition, during the meeting other themes were presented by the different SCRIPT organization participants.

One of the most important themes was to assess by all the organizations of the project how the first pilot test had been carried out. Furthermore, other improvements were presented to apply them in the second pilot test. Also, during the second pilot test, the different organizations decided that the capacities and the skills of the youngsters and the workers involucrated in SCRIPT will be analized and evaluated.  


About TACC pilot test, it is focused in Barberà del Vallès (a city 20km near from Barcelona), specifically in Espai Jove El Forat (El Forat Youth Center). In this center the youth workers are implicated with the youngsters who participate in it.

Futhermore, the Barcelona meeting was very interesting because the SCRIPT web was presented to the other participants of the project. This web has been made by TACC and will be the main resource to spread all the information of SCRIPT.

SCRIPT @ Phoenix Futures

BY John Burns, NPP Co-Director

SCRIPT at Phoenix Futures, Liverpool UK in March 2019 was the first of our pilots for IO1 (Intellectual output 1) – the SCRIPT Handbook. Although myself and NPP have worked delivering drama learning group projects in the past, and also worked at Phoenix futures before, to say I was nervous would have been some what of an understatement. This is the first time we have ever been part of a European project, and we are leading on the KA2 project too which meant it was a little added pressure than normal.

Initially we had a large group of participants in our first session, but eventually the numbers reduced slightly leaving us with a core group of 8, who worked very hard to achieve a great end product. Early on in the process it was difficult to create relationships with the members of the group as for the most part, they had been through a tough time and found it hard to open up and trust. Throughout the weeks, both myself and my delivery partner Rachel slowly built bonds with members of the group and they opened up, using their own personal experiences to inform the end product. Both the male and female members of our group spoke about past experiences they had gone through, both good and bad, which they used elements of to write our story.

Confidence within our group was something that I was most astounded by in terms of growth. Some members, although present at sessions, were initially a little reluctant to be involved as much as we asked and often did the bare minimum. As the weeks went by more confident members of the company encouraged their fellow actors to become more involved within sessions. As members of the group grew in confidence and became more vocal and active within sessions this also translated to their every day lives outside of SCRIPT. One member of our group became more involved within groups surrounding his recovery, and even began speaking up more in meetings within the house. One of our female members of the theatre company, actually took on the role of “deputy house manager” within the rehab. This growth and taking on board of more responsibility both within sessions of SCRIPT and within their own lives shows the fantastic effect that our programme can have on the lives of those involved. Since our pilot ended deputy house manager, *Jane, is pursuing a career in recovery, aiming to give back to the place that helped her. One of our other participants, *Connor has taken to volunteering more and is also pursuing further learning around acting, writing and performance due to his experiences with SCRIPT.

I can honestly say that the pilot 1 of IO1 SCRIPT handbook was one of the most rewarding pieces of work I have done. Not only did I find fulfilment professionally, I also found a great sense of fulfilment on a personal level as I watched the young people involved in the project grow. Although the handbook is still a work in progress, I firmly believe that with feedback and continued coproduction, IO1 pilot 2 will be an even bigger success.

Romanian Collaboration for The Piloting of SCRIPT Project


As part of the development of SCRIPT, CPIP contributes to the underlying main purpose of the project: social inclusion and increasing general social and psychological skills of young inmates. The project intends to approach this aim through delivering drama techniques for the inmates in order to increase their expressivity and soft skills.

In Romania, the SCRIPT Project is sustained by three stakeholders. Namely, for the practical piloting activities, CPIP has concluded collaboration agreements with The Penitentiary from Timisoara, The Educational Center from Buzias and The Arad Penitentiary.

Representatives of the two detention centers, The Penitentiary of Arad, the Penitentiary of Timisoara and of the Educational Center from Buzias took part in a drama workshop organized by CPIP, having as facilitator the volunteer actress Diana Cojocaru. During the workshop, educators, social workers and psychologists from the three correctional institutions were introduced to and took actively part in drama exercises having as purpose the increase of emotional wellbeing and self-esteem of marginalized categories.

The three institutions will be further active in the project by piloting drama exercises with the young people inside their premises, as well as in a final pilot activity, namely in producing a podcast with the inmates.