Scene 1



DJ George: I would like some seafood and white wine!

George:  Play some music and let s eat!

DJ George: Well, now I am gonna play a super vinyl record with jazz music, this will definitely change the taste of the food.

George: Sounds good but give me something harder to activate me a little. You forgot I am good at cooking, I am creating the taste, man, you understand.

DJ George: Common man, let’s listen to something chill while we are eating, don’t you want to? Listen, I promise that after we eat, we can drink some rum and listen to some of that hipster music of yours. Common, leave it…  and let’s better make some phone calls to gather more people!

DJ George: Hei, you forgot it’s just us here, here on this island? And that you don’t have a phone?

George:  Yes, man… let’s not forget about the ice!

DJ George: I could still feel my pocket vibrating during those first days, and when I think about that week, when the phone wouldn’t stop ringing, man…

It was Wednesday, and I`ve just arrived from London. I was very tired. Just as I felt asleep my phone rung. It was my manager, who wanted to announce me that I have been booked for three parties on the next day. On Thursday evening I have arrived at Bucharest, I slept for 2 hours, play some music until 6 am, and at 7 am I was at the Airport in order to go fly back to Timisoara. I step out of the plane, open turn on my phone and receive a call from a friend who asks me to play some music at his birthday party, since he was expecting 100 people who are don’t feel like going home. I accept without realizing that I also had contracts to carry out the next evening. I go to my friend’s birthday; I stay there until 7 a.m. in the morning and on Saturday I play music at another party that lasted until Sunday. I will never push myself like this again!


X: This story with my friend’s birthday reminds me of another huge birthday party we have taken over in great style. I was sitting at a terrace with some friends and we were thinking how we could organize a party. We had all the necessary music devices; we only needed a generator. Some people called to tell us that the party is a waste of time, so that we thought we could go and check the party and surprize the celebrated person. We arrived there and started to carry the music devices inside, being helped by the doorman, who was more than glad to give us an extinction cord, as if we shouldn’t have been there. We started to play some music, some people have got shocked, others were very happy the celebrated girl started to cry. After about one hour the parents appeared. They interrupted the electrical power so that we can hear them arguing with us and threatening us with the police.




Scene 2


B: Do you give me a dog to walk it?


A: Yes, it will help you to no longer be such a loner


B: Ok, do you also have a cigarette?


A: Why do you need a cigarette?


B: I want to smoke a cigarette when I am having a walking break.


A: How you wish.


B: Do you know when the bar opens? I would like a beer.


A: What to do with the dog at the bar? Go and have a walk and we will see later.


B: Dude, you want to get rid of me pretty fast! Don’t you? May I keep the dog with me during the night?


A: Sure, you can!


A: Before I had the first dogs, I was a bad man, a bully, someone who wouldn’t listen to anyone and who wasn’t curious about anyone. I was a drug dealer at 12, suffering from a considerable lack of empathy.

This happened until a Belgian Shepard until and a Pitbull, to whom I got attached, appeared in my life. As I got in jail for the first time, I thought a lot about them, I missed them, and it was only than that I have realized that these two have started directly to change my life. I care about someone for the first time in my life.

After my release, a Cane Corso named Virus appeared in my life, we took him away from the furry of his parents, who wanted to kill him. He was my smart boy, very playful, he used to run at night as if he was a horse in my yard. Thus, came Lucy to me, an Amstaff of a friend who went in holiday and couldn’t keep her with other dogs because she used to fight with them. Trying to heal Lucy from her aggressive behaviour, I have realized that I was the one who was healed first. Lucy and Virus taught me I could defend my principles without fight.


One day I was walking on the field and I saw a dog chained to a tree, it was weak and powerless, full of parasites. I named her 44 after the hunger year during the Second World War. After this I have realized that she was very attentive with everybody around her and she knew how to cherish even the wind. Thus, I have also become attentive to what was going on inside myself and to value nature.

Tango was the next who came, an Amstaff from a friend, who abandoned the dog because he wasn’t bad enough with people. At first, he felt abandoned, after which he started to trust people again. He was a big dog and he looked very scary. But when you saw his eyes, you realized he was very mild and loved children very much. The dog couldn’t get away from the children in the park until he got totally wasted by them. He taught me to trust myself and to get attached to certain people because it’s worth loving and being loved.

I have also received as a gift 2 Rottweilers, a boy and a girl. Horus has been smart and loyal since being a puppy. I was very glad to meet his sister, Kiro. She was a brown Rottweiler – one in a few hundred generations. Then Boca appeared, the Amstaff of a friend, who didn’t take care of him. He is looking for advice and thus, I have started to give people some advice, so that they don’t make big mistakes.

Unfortunately for them and for me, I got in jail again and the dogs have been taken to a dog shelter and have been euthanized.




Scene 3


(The Observer comes in)


The Observer: What are you doing here, dudes?


George: We are cooking and trying to get in action. Where are the rest?


The Observer: I have just seen Bogdan asking Alex for a dog to walk it. I didn’t understand what he needed the dog for.


DJ George: It seems like you have also heard them, not only seen them. What a sense of observation!


The Observer: No, I don’t know what I want to do, but I notice things …. a lot of things. This noticing is a work by itself. I have noticed that nobody is the same. For example, two brothers. They are brothers and have different characters, though they have the same mother.  One of them is empathic, while the other is not.

I have noticed that certain people are watching the world through other eyes. They are watching me with other eyes. And I notice their hands. It is very important how the hands look like, that the hands are taken care of and clean. So that you have nice and clean gestures.

I have noticed that respect and gains come from small things, very small things. I have especially noticed 3 obese women in a Matiz car. They were crammed there, like some pieces of meat in a small casserole. I started to watch them and laughed. They laughed back to me. One of them, who was sitting in the front, put her hand through the window and it looked like meat was pouring out from a meat mincer. It is so important how the hands look.


(Bogdan comes in)


DJ George: You are walking the all day long, man, this island is small like hell, but you insist to do your walk?


Bogdan: So, and what? What else am I supposed to do?


George: What’s wrong with you? Did you have a bad day?


Bogdan: I don’t know if I am having a bad day today, but I can tell about a day that could for surely be in Top 5 of the worst days. I have arrived at my new job. Everybody said it was going to be easy and that I was going to have a lot of advantages, like working without being watched by a militia man, working side by side with women, getting food and gaining money.

Actually, it wasn`t quite like that. Work seams easy: you have to lift boxes with milk with a weight of about 12 kg from a high-speed conveyer and to fill an EUR pallet with them. It is not hard to lift a box of 12 kg, but it is hard to lift such a box 10000 times in 8 hours. My back is blocked.

The next day I moved to other conveyor belt with yoghurt, about 6 pieces per second, and then we had to place Euro-pallets again. If you stopped for a simple cough or if you took your eyes from the conveyor belt just for one second, it tended to lump instantly and 2 women appeared to help you while they seemed to lecture  you that you should work here and move fast.

On the third day a woman thought about making a joke with me or at least this is what I believe, because she knew that all the milk is going to run with pressure from a tap at which she made me hold a container…of course the container flew with me as the jet of milk started to flow.

The women there are 10 times worse than any militia man.


DJ George: Have you seen the one with the sign at the eye?

Bogdan: No

The observer: That one was the worst of all. Satan’s favorite.


(Alex comes in)

A: What are you doing?

George: We were philosophising.

Alex: What date is today?

Bogdan: The 10th of June.

The Observer: You don’t have any calendar, the one you are placing x’s in?

Alex: No.

Bogdan: I am obsessed with putting x’s in the calendar. If I think about how many additions and submissions are on that calendar, I believe I can become a Math teacher.

The Observer: Certain people have some schemes with those calendars. 31+20-10+20

Bogdan: The best is the multiple of 20.

DJ George: Hei, do you remember the one with the tapes? He stood so long in jail that he imagined when he gets out, he would go to the Iosefin Market to buy tapes. He wonders if there are any CD’s and or sticks (George). It was like in that movie, Goodbye Lenin.

George: The worst is to be captive and lose tough with the outer world. Not to be in touch with the outside world.

Alex: What reality? Because, sometimes the outside reality is worse than any form of captivity.

Bogdan: Let it be, because some people don’t manage that total freedom.

George: It is only when you feel compelled by routine how stupid you were to deliberately live in routine when it wasn’t necessary.

The Observer: You think it is going to be different after we leave this place?

DJ George: Otherwise what’s the meaning of all this?

George: I don’t know, man … that things are going to be different?

DJ George: How different?

Bogdan: Better man!

DJ George: Define better.

The Observer: When you are at peace with yourself.

Alex: When you don’t hurt other people’s feelings.

George: But this is temporary.

Bogdan: You are depressing me with your temporary staff, wouldn’t it be better …that the good be constant?

DJ George: And the bad?

George: The bad is also good.

Bogdan: How come?

The Observer: I mean that kind of force, that is balancing and keeps the balance. If you didn’t know what the bad is, you couldn’t appreciate the good.

George: The temporary good. Like the one in pharmacies.

DJ George: You get a pill and get well…temporarily.

And you think this good is a state of comfort or a value?

Alex: A value.

Bogdan: A state of comfort, man.

George: A state of comfort

The Observer: a value.

DJ George: 2 against 2

The Observer: like at the bets.

Bogdan: did you see the manual of mental disorders? It says that bets are games of pathologic chance …

The Observer: So, then are crazy if we bet?

Alex: Stay chill, stupidity is the one that can kill you, nothing else does. Stupidity, war and politics.

George: And pharmacies.

Bogdan: And the women in the dairy factory.

Alex: What did you do with the dog?

Bogdan: He is home, I gave him to eat, he is ok. I am going to walk him once more when I get out of here.

DJ George: I can tell you a way to do good. Let’s play some music, bro, because this kind of fun is like Holy Wednesday.

Alex: Is there a flower in the pot?

DJ George: Yes man. The Observer is testing us, to see if we are attentive. Let’s listen to some music and stay in silence.

(silent moment)

The Observer: Hei, guys, I forgot to tell you about that fat women with the Matiz….


Podplay produced by Roma youngsters in Greece. The PodPlay is in Greek
since not all participants were fluent in English and it is easier for them to express themselves in their mother tongue.


“RETURN TICKET” – Pilot 1, IO1. Liverpool, UK – Pod Play Transcript


We’re No Place Productions a theatre company who engages with disadvantaged people in custody and the community across the UK.

The play you are about to hear is called Return Ticket and was written, performed & recorded by residents in Phoenix Futures Rehab Facility in the Wirral UK in March 2019 as part of our European wide project, SCRIPT.

SCRIPT is an Erasmus plus funded project, which will develop tools to enable young people with potentially fewer opportunities to write, perform & record their own Pod Plays, as well as track the skills they learn along the way.

For more information about this project please visit the website scripteu.com.

Or for information about this or any other of No Place Productions work visit our website noplaceproductions.co.uk alternatively you can follow us on twitter @noplacepro or Instagram @noplaceproductions

Thank you.


Pod Play transcription

Music intro

Pete – hurry up you’ll be late.

Sarah- what platform is it?

Pete – let me carry your case.

SCENE 1 – Train Platform.

Music. Merges into Soundscape of Train Station.

Sarah – I’m really gonna miss you

Pete – I know. I’m gonna miss you too.

Sarah – I can’t believe I’ve got to go home so soon. Feels like the weekend has just flown by

Pete – I know, but when you’re finished Uni you’ll be living down here with me won’t yeh

Sarah – Yeah. I can’t wait.

Pete – Ay, the money you’ll be on when you graduate, we’ll be able to get ourselves a nice little house?

Sarah – With a garden?

Pete – Course with a garden. The kids will have to have somewhere to play won’t they…

Sarah – Oh kids now is it? Let’s get a dog first, see how that goes. It’s hard enough looking after you

Pete – Ey you! I’m not doing too bad surviving on me own. I’m even doing me own ironing now…. I’ve only burnt three shirts this week

Sarah – Have you?

Pete – tellin yeh. The other day I had to go to work with a burn mark on my shirt. I had to keep me jumper on all day. I was sweating!

Sarah – What are you like….

Pete – no seriously, I can’t wait till we don’t have to say goodbye every weekend.

Sarah – I can’t believe you bought me that bracelet. You didn’t have to do that.

Pete – I know, but I wanted to. It’ll remind you of me when I’m not there….. So make sure you keep it on. Don’t want you forgetting about me.

Sarah – I’ll keep it on, I promise.

Train whistle

Pete – Right, you better get on and get your seat. You don’t wanna be standing up all the way home.

Sarah – Ok. I’ll ring you as soon as I get in.

Pete – Make sure you do. I won’t be able to sleep if you don’t.

Sarah – I will. I love you.

Pete – You too Sarah.

Station noise up. Train pulling off.


SCENE 2 – Kitchen

Sarah & Dad sat at the kitchen table. Mum brings cups of tea in.

Rebecca – Here you go love. A nice cuppa

Sarah – Thanks Mum

Rebecca – So come on then, how did it go?

Sarah – It was amazing Mum. Pete’s doing so well down there.

Arthur – Yeah, I bet he is.

Sarah – No seriously dad. Look he got me this.

Rebecca – Tiffany ay?

Arthur – That must have cost a few bob.

Sarah – Like I say. He’s doing really well. And anyway, it’s not about how much it costs. It’s about what it means.

Rebecca – Ay Arthur, why don’t you ever buy me anything that fancy?

Arthur – I would if I had the money. But I’m still paying of that bloody holiday we had.

Rebecca – Oh you’re so negative.

Sarah – Yeah, lighten up dad.

Arthur – Look all’s I’m sayin is don’t carried away.

Sarah – With what?

Arthur – well… I’m just saying… I just want the best for my little girl, and… your happiness is the most important thing…. And, I dunno…. I’ve just got a gut feeling about him.

Sarah (interrupting) – Oh you’ve always been like this about him.

Arthur – I haven’t!… There’s just something that doesn’t sit right…

Sarah – Like what?

Arthur – I’m only thinking about you love. I don’t want you settling when you could do so much better.

Rebecca – My dad didn’t think much of you when we met, but you turned out alright.

Arthur – There’s a world of difference between me and him, I’ll tell you that for free.

Sarah – Oh dad…

Arthur – Look, I’m just glad your back home where you belong. I’m taking the dog for a walk. (To dog) Come on champ.

Arthur leaves

Rebecca – I’m sorry about your dad love. Yeh know what he’s like.

Sarah – I know. But Pete’s really changed mum. I can’t wait to go back and see him next weekend. I think we’re going to be really happy. He was even talking about the future… talking about kids and stuff

Rebecca – Oh god, don’t tell your dad that, He’ll have bloody kittens! (Laugh) No but seriously, I’m so pleased for you love.

Music up

SCENE 3 – Restaurant

Soundscape. Fancy restaurant. Drink being poured.

Pete – (to waiter) Yeah, that’s lovely that mate, we’ll take the bottle.

Waiter – Excellent choice Sir.

Waiter exit

Sarah – Isn’t this nice.

Pete – Well I thought I’d treat yeh. It’s only what you deserve.

Sarah – Is it ok if I get the lobster?

Pete – You get whatever you want. I’m paying.

Sarah – No, you really don’t have to do that.

Pete – Don’t be daft. I want to. I’m might get the lobster myself! Cheers.

Sarah – Cheers.

Clink of glasses

Sarah – So I’ve been thinking

Phone vibrates. Message

Pete – Oh yeah. About wha?

Sarah – About what you were saying last time I was here. Maybe we should just…

Phone vibrates. Message

Pete – Sorry…. It’s just…… It’s just work

Sarah – I didn’t know you worked on a Saturday?

Pete – No, I don’t. It’s just… cos I’m so high up they need to be able to get a hold of me.

Sarah – Oh really

Pete – Yeah we’ve got a massive contract going through at the minute so I’m just overseeing everything.

Sarah – Sounds exciting.

Pete – It is, but you don’t wanna hear all that jargon. It’ll just baffle yeh.

Sarah – Im doing a law degree, it won’t baffle me.

Pete – No, I don’t mean it like that. I just mean…. Oh look, forget about that. What were you saying before…?

Sarah – Oh yeah, I was….

Phone vibrates. Message

Sarah – look, do you need to call someone and sort something out, or?

Pete – No, No

Sarah – are you sure?

Pete – Yeah, it’s fine. They just…

Phone rings

Sarah – (under breath) oh for fucks sake

Pete – sorry. I’ll just take this. I’ll just be one minute. (on phone) Look I got your messages, but I can’t talk right now. I’ll give you a call later. (ends call).

Sarah – Everything ok?

Pete – Yeah yeah

Sarah – So were not gonna get any more interruptions?

Pete –  Look I can’t help it can I. If someone was calling you about uni, I wouldn’t be moaning would I.

Sarah – It just seems like you’re glued to your phone.

Pete – I’ve had 3 texts and a phone call, I’m hardly glued to it.

Waiter enters

Waiter – so are we ready to order?

Pete – Yeah can I have 2 lobsters and do you do chips?

Music up over Pete’s last line.

SCENE 4 – Hairdressers.

Chantelle – Are you both getting your colour done or is it just you Jade?

Jade – Yeh please, but can you give me a few more highlights in the front? What d’yeh reckon Sarah?

Sarah – Oh you would look gorgeous with streaks, wouldn’t she Chantelle?

Chantelle – absolutely fab!

Jade – Anyway you! Haven’t seen you since you got back. (To chantelle) She’s too good for us now…

Sarah – Oh don’t be stupid

Chantelle – yeah, you’ve been dead quiet. You still loved up then?

Jade – Give us all the gossip! Did you have good time?

Sarah – Yeah.

Jade – Yeah? Is That it? I’m going down there next week, I thought you’d have loads of tips for me!

Chantelle – Well what did you get up to?

Sarah – oh you know. We went to some nice restaurants….

Chantelle – Yeah….

Sarah – and then we just chilled out in his

Jade – Oh I see. One of them was it?

Chantelle – A dirty weekend!

Sarah – No, I dunno, he was just a bit busy with work

Jade – what? Even on the weekend?

Sarah – I know, that’s what I thought.

Chantelle – I wouldn’t have that, me.

Sarah – Yeah but it’s his job. What Am I meant to do?

Jade – Mmmm

Chantelle – Has he ever introduced you to any of his mates down there?

Sarah – No not really. He always says he wants to spend our time just me and him

Jade – Mmmm, but can’t book the weekend off work?

Chantelle – He’s always been a bullshitter him

Sarah – No he hasn’t!

Jade – Look, what chantelle means is you can’t be too careful. We don’t want him hurting you again.

Chantelle – we’re just thinking of you

Jade – yeah. Look, why don’t we have a little nose on facebook? Ay?…. I’ll do it on my profile so he’ll never know. We’ll just have a look and see who he’s hanging about with. Make sure theres nothing to worry about.

Sarah – No, I don’t want you to do that

Chantelle – It’ll put your mind to rest. That’s all.

Sarah – No, I know what you’re saying. I just don’t want you too. I trust him, and we’re gonna make it work again.

Jade – Ok. But just so you know, we’re here if you need us.

Sarah – Thanks girls.

Chantelle – Right, lets get your roots sorted.

Jade – What’s wrong with my roots? Cheeky Bitch!

Chantelle – What’s right with them.

Sarahs Phone rings


Sarah – sorry girls just gonna take this outside

Sarah leaves hairdressers to take the call

Pete – Sarah it’s me. I had to phone you.

Sarah – You sure you’re not too busy?

Pete – Don’t be like that. Look, I wanted to apologise for the weekend. I admit, I was distracted.

Sarah – It upset me a little bit if I’m honest.

Pete – That’s the last thing I want. Look everything’s been going great between us. I really don’t want us to fall out.

Sarah – We only had the weekend together, and I felt like your mind was else where.

Pete – My mind is always with you.


Sarah sighs

Pete – Look, I tell you what. Why don’t I jump the train up and see you tonight? Ay?……

Sarah – What about work?

Pete – I’ll square it with them. I mean I’ll have to miss a couple of meetings and they won’t be too happy about that, but you’re the most important thing. You’re my priority…. And look, if it means me coming into work at 6am and doing 12 hour days next week to make the time up it’ll be worth it.

Sarah – No, don’t do that. Look, stay there and I’ll book my train to see you next week.

Pete – Are you sure?

Sarah – Yeah look I’m sorry. I know how important work is. I should be more understanding. I know you’re working for us. I love you.

Pete – You too.

Pete ends call with Sarah. Hear him dialing another number. It rings

Cindy – Hiya Babe. Calling me back now are yeh?

Pete – You know I’ve always got time for my favourite girl. Look, d’yeh fancy coming round to ours again tonight Babe?

Music up.

SCENE 5 – Kitchen

Rebecca – (to sarah upstairs) Alright well your tea’s in the oven when you want it.

Arthur – She not coming down again?

Rebecca – No she said she’s not hungry.

Arthur – I’m not half worried about our Sarah yeh know

Rebecca – I know, she’s just not herself

Arthur – Normally she talks to me about anything

Rebecca – I know…….. You any idea what’s going on?

Arthur – I know what I think, but you won’t like it.

Rebecca – Go on…

Arthur – I reckon it’s pete

Rebecca – Oh not this again

Arthur – No listen to me… think about it… she hasn’t been the same since he’s been back on the scene. I thought she got away from him once and for all. She was doing dead well without him, then he shows up again, worms his way back in, and now she’s not even coming out of her room.

Rebecca – So what are we meant to do Arthur. She loves him.

Arthur – I just want her to move on with her life and find a nice fella. And he’s not a nice fella.

Rebecca – I tell you what, I’ll go and speak to her. We’ll watch a film all together on the couch with the big blanket just like the old days. Have some family time. Try and cheer her up. Yeah?

Arthur – Yeah.

Rebecca – Try not to worry so much love. She’s still our little girl. She’ll be alright.

Music up

SCENE 6– Hairdressers

Chantelle – I’ve been meaning to tell you something

Jade – if you’ve ruined my hair I’m gonna kill yeh!

Chantelle – No! nothing like that. It’s serious

Jade – Whats up?

Chantelle – It’s about Pete

Jade – Sarah’s Pete? What about him?

Chantelle – I was thinking what she said in here the other week, and I know she asked us not too, but I couldn’t help it.

Jade – oh What have you done?

Chantelle – I had a look on facebook

Jade – Oh fuckin hell, what have you seen

Chantelle – Have a look at this picture on one of his mates pages

Gives her her phone

Jade – Yeah…

Chantelle – look behind him in the blue top

Jade – Is that pete?

Chantelle – Yeah

Jade – Oh my god, he’s a bit close to that girl isn’t he

Chantelle – That’s what I thought. I tried to have a look at her, but she’s private and I didn’t want to add her

Jade – She’s a proper dog as well. The length of that skirt on her, she looks like a right slag.

Chantelle – So d’yeh reckon we tell Sarah

Jade – No she’d kill us. Especially when she told us not to go looking

Chantelle – Yeah but wouldn’t you wanna know?

Jade – yeah but We can’t. He looks close to her, yeah, but he’s not kissing her or nothing. He could easily worm his way out of that one. You know what he’s like.

Chantelle – I know but,

Jade – (interrupting) no look, it’s none of our business. You heard what she said last time. We’ve got to respect what she wants.

Music Up

SCENE 7 – Pete’s work. Office noise

Greg – God, you haven’t got many sales on the board there have yeh?

Pete – It’s hard to get sales on the board when people keep putting the phone down on yeh. Who wants to buy insurance anyway?

Greg – Speak for yourself, I’m on for a bonus this month me. Anyway, you’re looking a bit tired lad aren’t yeh?

Pete – so would you be if you had 2 women on the go.

Greg – Fuckin hell, are you still at it with that Cindy from accounts?

Pete – Been up all night lad. She’s only 21.

Greg – I couldn’t do that me. Where do you find the time? You got a schedule?

Pete – Well when me bird goes home I know she’s gone then.

Greg – ay Which one d’yeh like better?

Pete – They’re both good in different ways…. That Cindy though. She’s exciting. Sarah, shes…just….. yeh know….

Greg – Is your bird onto it?

Pete – I blag me way out of anything don’t I. I nearly got caught the other day though. Cindy kept textin & calling when I was out with Sarah.

Greg –  Fuck off, How did yeh get out of that?

Pete – Blamed it on youse. She lapped it up.

Greg –  so Is it just them two or?

Pete – Yeah, but I do have a little dabble when I’m out…. Depends what comes along.

Greg – Fuckin hell, I’d forget who I’d told what to me.

Pete – Nah, I’m too clever I can get out of anything me.

Music Up

SCENE 10 – Bar.

Music down, bar noise up.

Cindy – It’s boss.

Pete – It’s alright innit

Cindy – You only like coming in here cos there’s loads of girls

Pete – You know I’m only after you babe.

Enter Jade

Jade – Pete?…. Pete!

Pete – Oh alright Jade. What are you doing here

Jade – I’m down for a few days with work. Who’s this?

Pete – This is Cindy. A mate from work. We work together. Sarah knows her.

Jade – oh does she now?

Pete – Yeah she does yeah. D’yeh want a drink?

Jade – No I’ve got one. I wanna know more about this Cindy

Pete – I’ve just told yeh

Jade – How old are you Cindy?

Cindy – what’s it to you?

Pete – Why are you asking how old she is?

Jade – it’s a simple question

Pete – Look she’s just a friend ok.

Jade – I’m not sure it is ok Pete. How do you think Sarah would feel about you taking other girls out to bars while she’s stuck at home?

Pete – well it’s not my fault she’s at home

Jade – I tell you what, I’ll call her now ay.

Pete – No you don’t have to. I’ll call her myself later.

Jade – Listen, if you hurt her again

Pete – What are you accusing me of Jade?

Jade – I think it’s very fucking clear what I’m accusing you of.

Pete – I’m sorry about this Cindy.

Cindy – No it’s not your fault.

Pete – I’m so ashamed of the way your acting towards my friends. Making a scene. Sarah would be mortified.

Jade – Would she yeah? We’ll see. Why don’t you two have a nice night.

Music Up

SCENE 8 – Kitchen

Jade – Your mum let me in…… How come you haven’t been answering your phone to me?

Sarah – I’ve been busy with Uni.

Jade – Look, I’ve got something to tell you and you’re not gonna like it…. I’ve been thinking and thinking and I didn’t know whether to tell you or not, but I know if it’s me I’d wanna know…. When I was down there the other day with work, I was in this bar, and I bumped into Pete….

Sarah – Right….

Jade – I’m so sorry, but he was with some other girl. And it was obvious something was going on between them.

Sarah – Right….

Jade – and look I know you told us not too, but me and Chantelle found something on facebook too. It was a picture of him with this same girl. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but after the way he was with you last time….. God Sarah, you can do so much better…


Sarah – Have you finished?

Jade – Well…. Yeah…

Sarah – You’ve got some nerve you.

Jade – What?

Sarah – Pete told me all about him seeing you in that bar, and how you wouldn’t leave him alone and you were throwing yourself at him

Jade – Sorry what?

Sarah – And how you begged to go home with him, making a show of yourself

Jade – Sarah!

Sarah – and when he finally turned you down you got all nasty.

Jade – I’m not having that

Sarah – He said you’d make some crap up about him with someone else

Jade – he’s lying

Sarah – He’s not lying. you’ve probably wanted him for yourself this whole time haven’t you? You’ve always been jealous of us. Always trying to interfere and medal. Well I’m not having it anymore.

Jade – Sarah you need to listen to me, he’s got into your head.

Sarah – No You need to leave. I mean it, get out. I want nothing to do with you. I don’t need friends like you.

Jade – Do you know what, he’s a lying cheating rat, and he’s laughing at you and the sooner you realise this the better.

Sarah – oh shut up you little slag

Jade – oh I’ll tell you one thing, don’t come crying to us when it blows up in your face.

Sarah – Go on get out.

Jade – yeah  I’m going.

Hear Door slam.

Music (time passing, this is filmic as it allows us to jump from one place to another, almost like a montage)

Sarah makes a call…. We hear it ringin

Sarah – come on, answer your phone

Club soundscape. We hear buzzing

Cindy – D’yeh need to answer that

Pete – Nah don’t worry babe, it’s no one. Lets have another drink ay.

Music up.

Sarah calling again

Sarah – Please answer your phone Pete. I really need you.

Music Up.

Toilet in a club. Hear a flush. Hear Pete & Greg sniff a line(cocaine). Phone buzzing.

Pete – I wish she’d just fuck off.

Greg – Come on lad, it’s your round

Music Up

Sarah calling again. She leaves a message.

Sarah – Pete, I’m really missing you. I need to see you. You’re probably fast asleep now but I’ve booked the 1st train down tomorrow morning. It’s just I couldn’t wait until the weekend. See you in the morning. Love you.

Music Up

Bar sound

Pete – Come on then, you coming back to ours

Cindy – yeah course, let me just tell me mates where I’m going.

Music Up.

SCENE 9 – Petes Flat

A flat buzzer rings

Cindy – Pete theres someone at the front door

Pete – What time is it?

Cindy – 25 past 8.

Pete – Fuckin hell, just leave it.

Flat buzzes again

Cindy – Pete? Come on wake up

Pete – You just answer it then

Cindy – hang on. Where’s me clothes?

Pete – throw that t-shirt on.

Cindy – Ok hang on.

Flat buzzes again

Cindy – Comin!

Opens door. It’s Sarah

Cindy – Yeah?

Sarah – who are you?

Cindy – I’m cindy, who are you.

Sarah – I’m Pete’s Girlfriend Sarah.

Cindy – Oh. I think I should go.

Sarah – Yeah I really think you should.

Hear door slam.

Pete – Sarah!… what are you doing here?

Sarah – What the fuck is going on Pete?

Pete – Nothing.

Sarah – Nothing? It’s not even 9 o’clock in the morning and theres a girl answering your front door wearing your fucking t-shirt.

Pete – She’s just a mate

Sarah – Stop it! Stop lying to me Pete.

Pete – I’m not, she’s a mate from work. She stayed over cos she lives miles away and we were out late

Sarah – You’re lying to me again! You must think I’m stupid

Pete – oh You’re being paranoid

Sarah – don’t you dare. I’ve defended you against everyone. I done nothing but be loyal to you. Put you before everyone, and this is how you treat me

Pete – is there any fuckin wonder how I treat you, the way you are? Everyone comes before me, your friends, your family. You let me move down here on me own.

Sarah – What did you want me to do?

Pete – Come with me! If you’d have loved me you’d have come with me!

Sarah – what? And leave everyone behind? You’d like that wouldn’t you. Me on my own. Just the way you like it.

Pete – Oh fuck off.

Sarah – How many times did this happen Pete? More than once? Pete!!! I’m talking to you!!!! Tell me the truth

Pete – Yeah I’ve shagged her yeah. Is that what you wanna hear. I felt lonely and she was there and you fucking weren’t. What did you expect me to do.

Sarah – I don’t know why I expected anything different from you. You haven’t changed. Me dad was right. You’ll never change. And I can do better than you. Years from now, you’ll still be in this shitty flat all on your own, working in a jumped up sales job for next to no money, but Ill be ok. I’ll be settled down, with someone new and I’ll be happy. And I won’t even remember your fucking name.

Smack.(Pete hits Sarah)


Pete – Im sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hit yeh. Sarah no. Please don’t go. Please. Sarah….

Music up.